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On World Refugee Day, the students attending our English language classes got together to help organize a day to remember. Three weeks previous to the event students worked on posters, written projects, poetry, and music to present to the public on this day. They also worked very hard in preparing an international food fair to celebrate the event. 

The students hosted the day itself with our very own Master of Ceremonies. Once everyone one was welcomed, our students read poetry to reflect their thoughts and feelings on being a refugee in Ireland. After this we were treated to some traditional music from Moldova and Russia. Our musician played classical renditions on his accordion much to the delight of all those gathered. After this those in attendance were invited to view the work of the students on display. The students shared aspects of their countries and different cultures through their projects. Some chose to write about their own personal experiences on having to leave their native countries, and in doing so displayed tremendous courage.






Later we hosted our international food fair, with food from Sudan, Somalia, Kosovo, The Congo, Syria, Iraq, South Africa, Moldova, Russia and Ireland. Many people came from outside our immediate classes to share and celebrate this day. It was a great success thanks to all the tremendous work put in by our students.  



































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