Féach: Looking at language and literacy is a new publication for teachers working with adult learners of English who are absolute language beginners and who also have very basic literacy needs.

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Designed as a resource book, Féach provides essential support in three distinct sections:

· A needs analysis pack helps tutors assess their learners’ vocabulary range and language skills at the beginning of a course as well as their reading and writing skills.

· A series of theme-based activities for use in the initial phase of a course with learners who are not familiar with either the sounds or symbols of the Latin alphabet.

· A selection of activities which act as models for creating further materials and which include suggestions for whole class collaborative projects.

Each activity is accompanied by comprehensive notes for the tutor. Further support is provided in an introduction based on questions which tutors commonly ask when working with the learning group for the first time. The activities are highlighted by samples of students’ work, and the book also contains a full colour section featuring 40 photos with ideas for using environmental print to explore language and literacy.

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