IILT has ceased to trade. Language learning and teacher support materials will continue to be available for download from this site until further notice.

The Department of Education and Science have stocks of IILT's publications including Up and Away, Feach, Primary and Post Primary Language Portfolios, Toolkit for Diversity.
IILT's books (Feach, Up and Away..) are available from Modern Languages, Westland Row, Dublin 2 http://www.modlangbooks.com/ 





IILT's Annual Activities Report 2007

IILT's latest annual report can be downloaded by clicking on the image (file size: 1.8 Mb, link will open in a new window)

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Mission Statement

Through education and training, to empower people of other cultures and languages to achieve a place in Irish society.

Principal tasks:

  1. To co-ordinate the provision of English language training for adult refugees and to support the English language training provided for adult asylum seekers by the VEC and other agencies. (More on IILT's provision for adults)
  2. To provide a programme of support for teachers in primary and post-primary schools responsible for the English language development of non-English-speaking immigrant pupils.
  3. To participate in consortia locally and internationally that bring IILT's core functions into interaction with closely related domains of activity.

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