Milestone ELP

Since its validation by the Council of Europe in 2003, all IILT courses have used the Milestone
version of the European Language Portfolio, which was developed by an EU Comenius project
involving IILT and colleagues working in migrant language teaching in The Netherlands,
Germany, Sweden, and Finland.

The European Language Portfolio is designed to fulfil pedagogical and reporting functions. In its pedagogical function it helps to develop learners’ capacity for self-direction and to promote the growth of their self-esteem and selfmotivation; in its reporting function it shows what learners can do in their target language and relates their proficiency to the common reference levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. In both these functions the ELP plays a major role in helping IILT’s learners to develop the confidence to progress from language learning to training and employment.

The ELP not only supports daily class-based learning, but also prepares learners to report on their language proficiency in the EU’s Europass. IILT is in the forefront of ELP use in migrant language learning, and in this way acknowledges the importance of the European ethos, both to individual learners and to education in Ireland.

Milestone ELP (PDF)

Milestone ELP teacher's guide (PDF)

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