Primary Introduction

One of the principal aspects of the work of IILT is the provision of support to primary and post-primary schools where non-English speaking non-national pupils have been enrolled.

This support programme has been in existence since 2000 and is delivered through in-service seminars in centres around the country. All in-service days include induction for principals and language support teachers from schools experiencing the arrival of non-English speaking pupils for the first time, and on-going in-service training for those teachers who continue in language support. In addition, a range of materials is distributed for both teachers and pupils.

This programme has proven extremely popular with teachers. At at the first seminar in 2000 there were 28 teachers from the whole country, while this Autumn we are averaging about 75 teachers per seminar, with total bookings of over 500 primary language support teachers for the season.

The programme won a European Award for Languages (European Language Label) in 2006.

In the words of the jury:

"The project is deeply rooted in the research pertaining to second language acquisition and shows the depth of knowledge of its developers.Therefore it brings to bear all the aspects of second language learning that are pertinent to the target group.

Will it contribute to building citizenship? Very definitely! Again because schools are being enabled to develop complete parity of esteem for all their pupils the consequences for building citizenship are obvious."

There is no charge for seminars.

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