Kira - Leaving Cert, Legal Studies

On 31st January 2006, Kira, an ex-student, came to visit our R2Upper class in IILT. This is our report.
Kira is from Khazakstan. She came to Ireland in 1999 at age 17. She didn’t study English at school and she didn’t speak English at all.

She studied English for three months in IILT.At IILT she talked to her teacher about her future plans. Her long term plan was to work in the legal area, but first she needed to get a general education. With her teacher in IILT she decided to study for the Leaving Cert. Kira found information about colleges and filled in an application form for Liberties College.

She studied for the Leaving Cert in Liberties College for two years. During that time she met a lot of obstacles, but she worked hard. She speaks English fluently now, because her classmates were native speakers and she learned a lot on her own. Kira studied seven subjects. She passed the Leaving Cert. successfully.

After the Leaving Cert she got some information about Rathmines College in FAS. Then she did a Legal Studies course in Rathmines College. She was very happy with that.

Kira is now working in a solicitor's office in Dublin. She applied for this job through her tutor and passed an interview. She is also studying criminology by distance learning.

Kira has big plans for future. She has always wanted to work in the legal area and now she is on her way.

Her advice for us is:

1. Study English without a bilingual dictionary.
2. Do what you want to do and don’t give up.
3. Follow your dreams.

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