Valentyna - Bookkeeper in Galway

Valentina came to Galway IILT in July 2005. She is married with one son . She is from Belarus.

1.When did you come to Ireland?
I came to Ireland on 21 June 2005 from Belarus.

2.How long did you study English at IILT?
I started to study English at IILT on 11 July 2005 and finished on 28 April 2006.

3.When did you start applying for jobs?
I started applying for jobs in the middle of August 2005.

4.What jobs were you interested in doing?
At first, I tried to find a job as a sales assistant. But then I decided to find a job in my professional area. I was working as a bookkeeper for more than 15 years in my country. I applied for positions as Accounts Assistant/Administrator from October 2005.

5. How did you apply?
I posted CV's and Cover Letters for advertisements from Galway Advertiser, Internet searching (job hunting) on FAS web site and Recruitment Agencies' sites. I didn't get many replies, but I've been to some interviews.

6. How did you find your job?
In January 2006 I registered with FAS office in Galway. I got a letter about this vacancy from FAS in April 2006. When I applied for a job, I got an arrangement for interview. After the second interview I got a job. Now I'm working as a bookkeeper (part-time) in a company with 6 cafés in Galway.

7.What was the hardest thing about applying for jobs?
To be patient and keep going, when you didn't get any answer for your applications or got "Dear John" letters.

8.How did you prepare for your interview?
I tried to find some information about the company and the job (e.g. from Internet) and made some notes about myself, my education, experience and job duties, and professional vocabulary.

9.What advice would you give to other students to help them in interviews?
Every new interview is different and you can get unexpected questions, but it is better to be prepared. Your preparation, good CV and a nice Cover Letter will help you to feel confident and get what you want.

10.Any message for students applying for jobs?
Use all possibilities for job hunting.

Don't stop - keep going.
Good luck!

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